About Susan Moskowitz

Susan Moskowitz

In the spring of 1994, during a hiatus between my sixth (interior decorating) and seventh (internet marketing) careers, I invented a new snack food in my kitchen. Experimenting with creating granola-like clusters with matzo instead of oats, I was just trying to make something fun for my family to snack on during Passover. I never imagined it would taste so good, or prove so popular!

Mrs. Moskowitz’s Munchies—as we soon came to call them—caught on like wildfire among my friends, my children’s classmates, and eventually at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s stores. After being named, out of thousands of applicants, as a finalist for Best Snack Food at the Fancy Food Show in 1996, Munchies gained national recognition.

But the high cost of hand-producing the product proved too daunting, and investors were skeptical of funding food-based startups. I decided to move on to other projects, and we shut down production in 1998.

Until now! While attending Stanford University’s Ignite program, a course devoted to giving entrepreneurs practical business skills, my amazing classmates inspired me to restart the business. And so, by popular demand, Mrs. Moskowitz’s Munchies are once again available for order, or biweekly at the Palo Alto Farmers Market. Get yourself a bag of the sweet, crunchy, nutty, fruity goodness today!